Announcements & Updates

Student permits on sale starting July 19th

Wednesday, July 12, 2017 - 13

Starting July 19th, student permits will be available for purchase. 

The following are the rates for Student Permit options (taxes not included) and are effective until August 31, 2018:

Permits for 2016-2017Five Parkade PermitTwo Parkade PermitOne Parkade Permit
2 Term Permit (8 months) BEST DEAL! $772$716$660
1 Term Permit (4 months)$414$386$358
30 Day Permit$90$95$96.50
Daily Permit (not available for students living in residence)    $8.25

Purchase Today!

Two Hour Parking at North Parkade

Thursday, January 19, 2017 - 13

We’re making some important changes at North Parkade to accommodate increased short-term visitor volumes.

The second level of North Parkade is now solely allocated for visitor parking. Seventy (70) stalls will have two-hour limits, with no time extension permitted. Any driver with a permit or who has paid for parking is still able to use these stalls but they will be limited to two-hour parking. 

As an alternative to parking here - especially is you’re parking all day - you may want to park at Rose Garden Parkade which is located nearby. Students who have bought a one parkade permit and have concerns can contact the Access Desk to switch their permit to Rose Garden parkade at no charge

Parking options for incoming students

Wednesday, August 3, 2016 - 13

For incoming students, there are numerous parking options available to you. Review the different permit options and choose the best option for you!

UBC Parking to introduce Honk Mobile for new payment system

Thursday, May 19, 2016 - 14

Paying for parking from your phone? There’s some important changes happening soon.

As of June 6, UBC Parking and Access will be transitioning away from Pay by Phone and integrating Honk Mobile across campusPayments made at meters using cash, credit cards or for online payments for permits are not changing. Users will be able to receive alerts 15 minutes before expiration of their parking session, giving them the opportunity to add time remotely. For users who would rather not use a credit card, Honk Mobile allows people to pay directly from their bank account through Pay Pal!

A Canadian company familiar with the university landscape, Honk Mobile is a safe, simple and convenient payment solution. To learn more about Honk Mobile, you're encouraged to visit their website


To learn more, read our FAQ below: 

Why are we changing?

While mobile parking services use a fee-per-use system, UBC has never passed parking fees on - and we want to keep it that way. With usage growing over time, UBC Parking needed to find a provider offering better value and service. The alternative was that we would have to pass the transaction fees on to the customer, something that we refuse to do.  

What’s changing?

If you’re paying for parking by cell phone at the Vancouver campus, you’ll need to download the Honk Mobile application, available for both Iphone and Android users. Pay by Phone will no longer be accepted.

Be assured that there is no change for permit holders, if you pay at meters using cash, credit cards or coupons, or are parking at the Okanagan or Robson locations.

When is this happening ?

The change is happening on Monday June 6th, 2016

What do I need to do?

If you currently use “Pay by Phone” at UBC Vancouver, you'll need to:

1. Download the Honk Mobile app

2. Set up your account 

3. Use Honk Mobile to pay for your parking at UBC Vancouver 

If you pay for parking by phone, we highly encourage you to download the app now to save time parking. 

If you need help, please contact UBC Parking


To learn more about this new service, including how to have the option of paying for parking through your phone, receive e-receipts and add time remotely, students, faculty and staff are encouraged to go to, and download the app.

Health Sciences Parkade

Tuesday, April 19, 2016 - 08

An ongoing capital maintenance plan is underway inside the Health Sciences parkade, some parking stalls will be closed and traffic patterns inside the parkade might be changed.   Please be mindful when parking there.

Exciting Update from Keeners Car Wash

Monday, April 4, 2016 - 08

We're happy to announce that Keener's Car Wash has made new upgrades to their service. The following is an announcement made by Keener's Car Wash general manager, Andrew Bryson:

Keeners has been operating at Thunderbird parkade since Oct 2013 and has been steadily growing since then. We are happy to announce a few changes we will be making to our service starting April 1 2016.


We will be opening a third day of each week at UBC. Starting April 1 we will be opening on Wednesdays on top of our regular Tuesday and Thursdays. Our hours will be the same for all days, 8 am - 3 pm.


You will notice a few changes to the service names and line up as well. 

We are adding Steam Deodorizing to our line up of services. Why get into a nice clean car and still smell those old fries and sport socks? We will steam clean all dash and floor vents in the car, clear them of debris and kill any bacteria hanging out in there. This will be included in our Signature service package and can be added to any interior cleaning service.

After many requests, we have also added a trunk vacuum to our Keeners Clean service.

Our Speedy Waterless will now be called an Express Shine.


To make things simpler we have adjusted the prices to the nearest dollar but we have made a couple tweaks here and there. Below is a copy of our new price list.

We are very excited by our new changes and hopefully you will be too.   

Andrew Bryson, General Manager - Keeners Car Wash

Construction near North Parkade

Monday, November 9, 2015 - 14

Keeners Car Wash - supporting the youth

Tuesday, July 14, 2015 - 10

Keeners Car Wash  inside Thunderbird Parkade every Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00 to 3:00 from $22 inside and out!  

Keeners Car Wash is the first social enterprise delivering environmentally friendly mobile car washing  in Canada with all proceeds going toward homeless youth programs. Their steam clean technology is one of the most effective, safe and environmentally friendly ways to clean a car! It's chemical free. There's no waste water runoff. And, it uses just one gallon of water per car! The service provided is excellent and it is one of the cheapest hand car washes for SUVs ($27 for inside/outside hand wash, small cars from $22) in the Lower Mainland. Book online at

Over the last five months, Keeners have cleaned 76 cars at UBC including the UBC fleet vehicles. This has resulted in 22,449 litres of drinking water saved and is equivalent to 118, 10 minute showers or 1,694 toilet flushes. In addition, it has created 384 hours of youth employment and about $4,600 in direct wages to youth.

Electric charging stations helping reduce UBC's carbon footprint

Tuesday, April 7, 2015 - 17

Over the past two years, the eight stations went from being barely in use to saving over 12,000 kilograms in greenhouse gases from being used. To give it some context, this is the annual equivelant of:

a.      12 passenger vehicles

b.      6 homes energy use

c.       20 tons of waste sent to the landfill

d.      7,000 gallons of gas consumed

e.      136,000 miles/year driven by an average passenger vehicle

Thank you to everyone who has taken to using these stations! 

ACU (Hospital) Parking Lot

Friday, March 27, 2015 - 14

Please note effective Monday, March 30th a partial & temporary closure of ACU lot will be in effect to accommodate the District Energy Systems (DES) construction behind Koerner. The partial closure is required to provide access to the Koerner loading zone.

Alternate parking is available at Thunderbird Parkade (corner of Wesbrook Mall & Thunderbird Blvd) or Health Sciences Parkade (1 block north of Agronomy Road and Health Sciences Mall).

Important changes to UBC Parking

Monday, March 16, 2015 - 16

Effective Monday, March 30 the way we operate UBC parkades is significantly changing. 

All parkades will use a virtual pay and park system. This means removing the gates and equipment at parkade entrances and exits. This enables drivers to conveniently and quickly park their car and makes entering and exiting from parkades much (much!) faster.  

To learn how this affects you, please read this section carefully. If you have any questions, please don't hesistate to contact us. Please read our FAQ for more information. 

Permit holders

The change for permit holders is minimal. Simply ensure that any vehicle you wish to park at UBC parkades has the correct vehicle license plate(s) associated with your account. To make changes:

- login to your UBC Parking account

- add, amend or delete vehicle licence plates that you want associated with your account

Please remember:

1. One permit entitles the holder to have one registered vehicle on campus at a time. Multiple vehicles can be registered but unless you have multiple permits it's "one permit = one vehicle at the same time" 

2. The conditions of use of your permit remain unchanged. Same options and restrictions (e.g. Not valid for street parking).

The beauty here is that there isn’t a plastic puck to forget or leave on a different vehicle. And even if you have a rental car, just add the plate to your account and remove it once you're finished with the car.

As for the plastic ‘puck’, please use the internal UBC Mail to send them back to us and we’ll recycle them for you. Please send to "UBC Parking @ The UBC Bookstore" 

Visitors and Non-permit holders

Simply park and pay at one of our conveniently located pay machines, before you head to your UBC destination. They will be conveniently located near the exits. Just follow the instructions on the meter. Couldn’t be simpler!

Please remember:

The meters accept coins and credit card only. No bills and no debit cards. We also accept payment via phone and mobile app (PaybyPhone)

Important Changes for Flexsaver Users

Tuesday, March 10, 2015 - 16

Feedback has prompted us to take a closer look at Flexsavers. Customers tell us that while it’s useful to pre-purchase days, Flexsavers have multiple flaws including difficulties in seeing how many days remain unused. That’s very frustrating and many customers worry about their account having enough days remaining to pay for parking.

We’ve concluded that the best option is to replace Flexsavers with One Day permits for two key reasons.

1. The price per day stays the same. You’ll pay exactly the same per day as you do now – so there’s no change in what you pay to park per day

2. Greater flexibility. This change allows customers the option of using a One Day permit if you’re parking all day OR if you’re only parking for a few hours at the parking meter. This also means you won’t have to use a One Day pre-paid day when all you need is parking for an hour or two. Flexsavers didn’t allow this.

Key Dates

The last day to purchase FlexSavers will be March 9th, and the last day to be able to use FlexSavers will be March 31st. 

What happens with my unused FlexSavers?

In April we will follow up with anyone with an outstanding Flexsaver balance and offer you the choice of a refund or using the residual value towards another parking option – your choice.



Upgraded Stadium lot now open

Monday, March 2, 2015 - 08

The new Stadium lot has officially opened. The lot, which is outside Thunderbird Stadium, has 130 regular and 4 disabled parking spaces with a pick up and drop off area. The Stadium lot is ideal for people going to Thunderbird Arena, Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre or the tennis centre. The rates are currently $2 an hour. 

Temporary closure of University Center lot due to heating system upgrades

Thursday, December 4, 2014 - 14

To upgrade the UBC heating system, University Center lot will be closed effective December 8 to accommodate work on the District Energy Systems project.  The lot will be closed through December 2014 and is expected to open early in the New Year.

Parking Lot Closure at Memorial Gym / GSAB

Tuesday, November 25, 2014 - 07

Due to construction staging for the demolition of GSAB and construction of a new building along University Boulevard, the small parking lot south of Memorial Gym (so between the gym and University Boulevard) is PERMANENTLY closing as of November 26th.

We apologise for the short notice. Customers are directed to North Parkade, a short walk away.


New UBC construction and road closures map now online

Tuesday, November 18, 2014 - 13

A construction map is now available to help our UBC community better navigate the Vancouver campus. It shows where and when roads will be closed on campus, as well as construction site locations, and will be updated weekly.

The Campus Road Closures pdf is available to view online or download. Save time by checking the map before you travel to plan your route.

For questions or more information about construction projects on campus, please visit or call UBC Project Services Reception at 604-827-4546.

Gateless parking now at Fraser parkade

Tuesday, October 21, 2014 - 13

We are pleased to announce that the Fraser parkade is now a “gateless” parkade. There are no longer any barricades at the entrance and exit of Fraser parkade, enabling drivers for quick and easy access, without any delays!

How does this new system work? For permit holders, you will no longer need to present your permit to the blue antenna. The gateless parking system uses your license plate to recognize your permit. For non-permit customers, simply park and pay at one of five pay machines we have located on levels one and two. For departmental guests, please park and display guest parking.

Please note that if you have a permit, do not leave your puck at home as you'll need it for other parkades. If you envision using two different cars to park at Fraser parkade, please ensure that all license plates are registered in your parking account. 

Questions or concerns? Please call us at 604.822.6786 or email us at


Health Parkade currently under construction

Thursday, October 2, 2014 - 16

We are currently working to make the Health Sciences Parkade a safer parkade with seismic upgrades. The work will be done by December but in the meantime, you might find it easier and quicker to park at Thunderbird Parkade! We'd love to see you back after the work is complete!

Thunderbird Stadium Parking Lot closing for upgrades, effective September 30th

Wednesday, September 24, 2014 - 14

The Thunderbird Stadium Lot will closed effective September 30, 2014 to allow for construction of a new parking lot to be built this Fall.  This new parking lot will be open for use by December 31, 2014. This new parking lot will provide for more parking, better access/egress and addresses pedestrian safety.

A temporary parking facility will be available by Friday October 3, 2014 located on Stadium Road to the north of the stadium for your use while the new parking lot is under construction.


Parking Services now in the UBC Bookstore

Thursday, August 7, 2014 - 10

Parking and Access (including keys) is now in a new, more convenient location in the UBC Bookstore (the office in GSAB has closed). We look forward to seeing you in our new home soon!