Important changes to UBC Parking

March 16, 2015

Effective Monday, March 30 the way we operate UBC parkades is significantly changing. 

All parkades will use a virtual pay and park system. This means removing the gates and equipment at parkade entrances and exits. This enables drivers to conveniently and quickly park their car and makes entering and exiting from parkades much (much!) faster.  

To learn how this affects you, please read this section carefully. If you have any questions, please don't hesistate to contact us. Please read our FAQ for more information. 

Permit holders

The change for permit holders is minimal. Simply ensure that any vehicle you wish to park at UBC parkades has the correct vehicle license plate(s) associated with your account. To make changes:

- login to your UBC Parking account

- add, amend or delete vehicle licence plates that you want associated with your account

Please remember:

1. One permit entitles the holder to have one registered vehicle on campus at a time. Multiple vehicles can be registered but unless you have multiple permits it's "one permit = one vehicle at the same time" 

2. The conditions of use of your permit remain unchanged. Same options and restrictions (e.g. Not valid for street parking).

The beauty here is that there isn’t a plastic puck to forget or leave on a different vehicle. And even if you have a rental car, just add the plate to your account and remove it once you're finished with the car.

As for the plastic ‘puck’, please use the internal UBC Mail to send them back to us and we’ll recycle them for you. Please send to "UBC Parking @ The UBC Bookstore" 

Visitors and Non-permit holders

Simply park and pay at one of our conveniently located pay machines, before you head to your UBC destination. They will be conveniently located near the exits. Just follow the instructions on the meter. Couldn’t be simpler!

Please remember:

The meters accept coins and credit card only. No bills and no debit cards. We also accept payment via phone and mobile app (PaybyPhone)