Permits and Parking Passes

Why pay full price for parking?

Whether your drive to UBC daily or occassionally, a UBC permit is your renewable parking permit for UBC for everyone including students, staff, faculty and visitors. You can use one for as little as a month and as long as a year. Ready to own a permit? Simply login to your CWL account and follow the instructions! You can reload it online with whatever package best suits you!

Are you a student who has varied hours on campus and have classes in different areas? The UBC parking permit allows you to mix and match the amount of time you would like with the number of parkades you want to park at.

For faculty and staff, a parking permit gives you access to faculty/staff permit lots and all parkades, with you having the flexibility of choosing different packages, from daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

 Want to know more? Go to our Student, Staff/Faculty or Visitors page to find the right program for you!

If you need help using your parking permit please ask a parking attendant or contact our office.

Choosing the right permit

You may choose between six parkades, mixing and matching to best suits your commuting needs. Options are available for purchase by the month, term or academic year.

Only driving ocassionally, you may also choose to purchase a permit for the days when commuting any other way is not an option.

You load more money on your permit whenever you choose and manage your account online, all without ever having to line up in an office again!

Responsibility and liability

Upon purchasing a Student permit, the holder agrees to comply with UBC traffic and parking rules& the permit holder Terms & Conditions.


Using your permit

All parkades use a virtual pay and park system. This enables drivers to conveniently and quickly park their car and makes entering and exiting from parkades quick and easy. Simply drive into the parkade, park your car and go. It's that easy!

Managing your account

Managing your account is easy! You may create a user profile an update your personal information, including vehicles, anytime you want!

You will be able to view your account history, personal information, outstanding citations, and more, all in one convenient location!

Refund policy

Any permit valid for less than 30 days is not refundable.  In addition, any permit purchased via payroll deduction is subject to a one month cancellation fee. If you refund a permit before using it you will receive a full refund. If you have already used a portion of your permit you will receive a pro-rated refund.

Please contact the Parking Office for more information.