Do you drive to UBC? Please check out our rates for hourly parking rates. If you frequently drive to UBC we recommend that you save money by obtaining a UBC permit! From daily to occasional drivers, a parking permit can be tailored to your needs! 

Startng July 19th, students can purchase their passes for the upcoming year. The following are the rates for Student Permit options (taxes not included) and are effective until August 31, 2018:

Permits for 2017-2018 Five Parkade Permit Two Parkade Permit One Parkade Permit
2 Term Permit (8 months) BEST DEAL!  $772 $716 $660
1 Term Permit (4 months) $414 $386 $358
30 Day Permit $110.50 $103.50 $96.50
Daily Permit (not available for students living in residence)       $8.25


The parkades included in the permit packages are: Rose Garden, Thunderbird, West, North and Fraser.