About Us

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You can also use this page to find the location and hours of parkades and parking lots as well as UBC parking rules and regulations.

UBC Parking is a proud supporter of sustainable travel. Learn more about green travel choices and helpful services available to UBC commuters.

Interested in learning more about UBC policies relating to parking and driving? Read our UBC Traffic and Parking Rules PDF. 

About UBC Parking Services & Access

UBC Parking & Access Services oversees the operation of 9,268 parking spaces on the campus. An official unit of the University of British Columbia, UBC Parking & Services has two primary functions:

1. Regulates and manages parking on campus

2. Manages access to university buildings.

We operate the largest university parking operation in Canada, overseeing more than 8,300 parking spaces and in doing so:

  • Provide customers with parking options that afford easy, convenient access to facilities and activities on campus;
  • Ensure parking facilities, services and equipment are functional, accessible and easy to use;
  • Ensure our facilities are safe, secure and well maintained for our customers.

In addition to operating UBC parking lots and facilities, we also provide a wide range of other related services including:

  • Issuing parking permits and passes
  • Meter parking
  • Ticketing and towing of illegally parked cars
  • Operation of a small compound for towed vehicles.

UBC Parking promotes sustainable travel choices. Learn how you can reduce your carbon footprint