Help & Support

Q: Are there car share parking locations at UBC?

There are designated Car2go, Evo, Modo and Zipcar parking spots throughout campus. Refer to your car share provider for information on where you can park.

Q: How do I pay for parking?

Daily and long-term parking permits can be purchased online through your Parking Account.

Hourly parking can be purchased through the Honk Mobile App or at pay machines and meters with cash and credit cards.

Q: Where can I park at UBC Okanagan?

The Okanagan campus has a separate website. Please visit

Q: Is there short-term parking on campus?

There are designated 15 and 30 minutes parking locations throughout campus. Parking at these locations can be paid using the pay machines or Honk Mobile App. Find short term parking using the Parking Map.

Q: Is there tax on parking permits and rates?

Hourly rates available at Honk and Pay Stations have tax already added to them while parking permits have taxes added at the check out. The taxes include 5% GST applied to the parking fee and 24% Metro Vancouver Parking tax. There is also a 5% GST applied on the top of the Metro Vancouver Parking tax. The total tax on parking is 30.2%.

Q: How do I know when my permit expires?

You can view permit expiry dates in your Parking Account account under “view my permits”.

Have a question? Use the FAQ below, shoot us an email at or give us a call at 604.822.6786.

For event-related enquiries, please email us at If you have an event and need parking, please fill out a request form and email it.