Building Access


Each unit on campus designates individuals responsible for the management of access to their building, including issuing keys. To inquire about UBC key signing authority please email us.

The access desk (in the UBC Bookstore) issues keys and access cards/fobs and provides tools to administrators to enable access.


A key deposit of $20.00 is required from all faculty, staff and students. The key deposit is a personal security deposit and is not payable through departmental funds, including UBC purchase cards.

High Security, master, sub-master, and specialty keys require additional deposits which vary according to the level of access and risk.

Please note that several departments feel that an even higher deposit is warranted and have made special arrangements with Parking & Access to charge additional security deposits.

Individual key deposits will be returned in full when all keys are returned to Parking & Access Services.


Possessing university keys has some associated responsibility; not only are keys university property, they also provide access to university property and are therefore essential for university security.

Please keep your keys in a secure place or on your person at all times. Do not lend your keys or 'pass on' your keys when you leave the university.

If you no longer need the keys, please return them promptly to our offices - not only is a security risk minimized, it also allows for stock to be replenished ensuring access for the next person who needs the appropriate key.


If your UBC keys have been lost or stolen, immediately notify the administration of your department or your direct supervisor. In addition, you will need to contact the Access Desk as soon as possible. After these steps are completed, your supervisor will follow up with you about how to replace your keys. If you are a unit head or administrator and are informed of keys being lost/stolen in the space that you manage at UBC, we advise you to do a risk assessment, advise the Access Desk, and follow up with your Facility Manager to consider a re-key of the space.