Have you ever spoken to a parking meter?

Probably not (unless of course you were really angry).

However, previously silent objects are waking up and looking for someone to chat to! Beginning in May, parking meters, lamposts, elevators and more in and around parkades and parking lots are coming to life and ready to have unique conversations with you! To join the conversation all you need is your mobile phone.

How to Play

Pick an object

  1. Look out for an object with a code on it.
  2. Say hello
  3. Send a text to 604.409.4498 and text "Hello” + object name + #code e.g. “Hello Parking Mter #MC3”.
  4. You’ll soon get a reply. Answer the object’s questions and learn what others on campus have to say!


  • Parkade parking metres 
  • Surface lot parking metres
  • Parkade Elevators
  • Lamposts 

Commuter Responses

Engagment Overview

Response to question: How long was your commute today?

Response to question: Is there anything I can help you with today?

Response to question: What is one thing that would make you drive less frequently?

Response to question: How easy do you find it getting around campus?