Parking during the transit strike

Coast Mountain Bus Company transit workers and SeaBus operators are continuing their job action, with a complete bus and SeaBus system shutdown due to take place from November 27-29 (subject to an agreement not being reached before then).

We anticipate that many who have the ability to do so, will be opting to drive to campus during the transit strike. Unfortunately, UBC Vancouver does not have sufficient parking spaces to accommodate all students, faculty and staff. UBC Parking has been asked to do all they can to maximize the capacity of getting people to campus by car. This means that certain restrictions will be in place in some parking lots, to prioritize carpooling over people arriving to campus with one person in their car.

Below are details to help you plan your trip, park on campus (where available) and carpool.

Permit Holders

  • Faculty and staff with a 7-day, 30-day, term, or year permit can park in the parking lots as per the details on your permit, with the exception of Rose Garden Parkade that is closed to permit holders from November 27 - 29 for graduation.
  • Faculty, staff, students and guests who have already purchased a one-day permit online can only park in the Thunderbird Parkade at this time.
  • Students and guests with a permit designated for the Rose Garden Parkade are permitted to park in Thunderbird, West and Fraser Parkades while the Rose Garden Parkade is closed for graduation.
  • Please note that as usual, permit holders are not guaranteed a parking spot when they arrive to campus.
  • UBC is limiting the use of the B4 surface lot (across from Orchard Commons on Agronomy Road) to vehicles with three or more (3+) people in the car. The lot will be available to permit holders as well as non-permit holders. This is to assist with getting as many people to campus as possible. If this initiative proves to be successful, the Fraser Parkade will also be converted to 3+ restriction. Further details will be posted to this web page.
  • If you are a permit holder with a reserved parking spot, there are no changes to your permit. Please help us to ease the pressure on parking, by carpooling with your friends and coworkers.

Day Visitors / Non-Permit Holders

If you are visiting campus for the day, there are a few options available:

  • There are no longer any one-day parking permits for sale online. One-day parking is only available on a first come, first served basis. Payment can be made at pay stations.
  • Day visitors can park in any public parking lot on campus or on streets such as East Mall or Wesbrook Mall with the following exceptions and restrictions:
    • B4 Lot (across from Orchard Commons on Agronomy Road), which is reserved for vehicles that arrive to campus with three or more (3+) people in the car. Day visitors can park in this lot only if they have 3+ people in their car. Payment can be made at pay stations inside the lot. This lot is only available as a first come first served basis and is expected to fill up quickly. Staff will be positioned at the lot to only allow people with 3+ people in their car to enter.
    • Street parking is available for visitors. Payment can be made at the nearby pay stations. All parking maximums still apply, so be sure to make note of any restrictions with where you park.

Car Share Parking

  • There are many reserved parking spots for car share vehicles across campus. These reserved spots will be maintained, although we do expect a high demand.
  • Car share vehicles are only to park in assigned spaces on campus.
  • All of UBC’s parking rules apply to car share vehicles. Car share vehicles blocking traffic or in any space in contravention of signage will be ticketed and towed at the driver’s expense.
  • An additional car share lot has been created to accommodate the increased demand for car share parking. Parking lot B7, located on Stadium Road across from Thunderbird Stadium, will be available for car share vehicles during this time. This is a gravel surface lot and signage will be in place to restrict parking to car share vehicles.
  • Anyone planning to arrive to campus via a car share vehicle are strongly encouraged to pick up friends and co-workers on their way.

UBC Parking staff will be positioned around many parkades, to assist with wayfinding. However, we must stress that UBC Vancouver does not have sufficient parking spaces to accommodate all students, faculty and staff.  You can access more useful resources related to carpooling and pick up/drop off spots