Driving a new/temporary vehicle?

Go to www.parking.ubc.ca, log into you account and add the licence plate number of the vehicle you are driving. Make sure to log back into your account after you are no longer using the vehicle to remove it from your account.

How do I park at the UBC Okanagan campus?

Please visit UBC Okanagan Parking website at parking.ok.ubc.ca/welcome.html for a full list of parking options. 

I have a full-time parking permit from another university? Do I still have to pay full-price?

No! UBC has reciprocal parking agreements with Simon Fraser University and the University of Victoria; faculty and staff of these institutions may use their parking permits to access parking at UBC.

UBC will honour full-time parking permits only-if you are unsure whether you qualify for the reciprocal parking please contact a customer service representative at 604.822.6786.

Please note that the agreement is meant to encourage cross-institutional cooperation and is meant for only occasional use of UBC parking facilities.

The agreement only allows Faculty and Staff of qualifying organizations to park free of charge at UBC for such activities as attending meetings or seminars of a departmental, academic or administrative nature between UBC and the qualifying institution

Any visitor who parks on campus for longer than 2 consecutive days does not qualify and must pay for parking.

Acceptable permits will be honoured at all 6 multi-level parkades click here for a UBC map.

Do you have official rules and regulations?

We sure do! You can read UBC's Traffic and Parking Rules document in PDF form here.

How do I contest a fine?

Contest a fine online.

Refunds - paid twice for the same vehicle or wrong licence plate?

Refunds have to be done via email with the licence plate number, the first 4 digits and the last 4 digits of the credit card as well as the phone number used for pay by phone.

How can I pay my fine?

You can pay your fines online. Please have the traffic notice number and license plate handy.

What are your parking rates?

Our rates vary depending on what parking permit you have and whether you are a student, staff, faculty or visitor. For a full list of rates, please visit our rates page. 

Is my permit still valid on the date if expires?

Yes your permit is valid until midnight on the date it expires. 

What if I am having an event on Campus?

Email all relevant event information to parking.events@ubc.ca.

How can I contact you?

 Our general number is 604.822.6786. You can also drop us a line at parking.support@ubc.ca